The dimples on your face,
appear like a preface to your smile.
Then they just fade and disappear,
favoring your cheeks for a while.

As u caress your hair to thwart the breeze,
revealing those subtle little ear rings.
Bringing the kissing air onto its knees,
honoring your aura it fades and sinks.

Whilst your eye-lids close for a moment,
to hide you from the staring sun.
Time just stops its futile movement,
confusing you for the early spring season.

The times that you talk, words feel like bliss.
And in the rain, if you decide to walk,
heaven is formed even in abyss !

When all your senses play in a symphony,
it brings the universe to a silent pause.
To witness this moment of epiphany,
All the oceans in the world, i shall cross !!!