Penult Ode

Many ages have passed this time,
a starlight shone on earth
it carried strength and valor,
a hope has given birth

Awake shall I be from now
a consciousness has dawned
arising above the shadowed past
to lay the darkness under sun

A sea of ever twinkling stars
a blanket sewn of destiny’s web
a thread to tie together all
the karma in a space-less bed

Shall renew my broken blade again
unleashing my will and might
singing the songs of kin long dead
but rest my wisdom at night .



The dimples on your face,
appear like a preface to your smile.
Then they just fade and disappear,
favoring your cheeks for a while.

As u caress your hair to thwart the breeze,
revealing those subtle little ear rings.
Bringing the kissing air onto its knees,
honoring your aura it fades and sinks.

Whilst your eye-lids close for a moment,
to hide you from the staring sun.
Time just stops its futile movement,
confusing you for the early spring season.

The times that you talk, words feel like bliss.
And in the rain, if you decide to walk,
heaven is formed even in abyss !

When all your senses play in a symphony,
it brings the universe to a silent pause.
To witness this moment of epiphany,
All the oceans in the world, i shall cross !!!


Alas ! It’s true my pal;
To be born is the greatest curse of all.

There was a boy born on a certain twelfth,
Little did he know where he would be dwelt.
Coming into this world of filth,
He grew up to be a myth.

Heart clutched by the jaws of nature,
Soul sprinkled with sweetness,
Eyes sparkling with the promise of future,
He sure was on the path to greatness.

He seemed happy, but his world was gloom.
Desperately seeking a window to his room.
One day he saw a girl so subtle,
That his feelings began to rattle.

First time she gave him that look,
He was pushed to the nook.
(Time went by)
She laughed at his jokes,
He blushed at her pokes.
Thoughts were shared, colors were reared,
They would be there, till the end of world stared.

But, LUCK had to play her part,
It all ended before they could start.
She lay cold, in the middle of road.
Blood around her in bold.

He went back beating the blues.
Drowning in the ocean of rues.
In a hour of respite,
He asked god with all his might.

BOY ->

What is it with LUCK ?
Whom does it  ” **** ” ?
Don’t you understand what i say ?
Or, is it one of the tricks that you play.
The eclipse is lasting too long,
Would you come if i wrote you an other song ?

GOD ->

Where are you my son ?
It’s me calling, why do you shun ?
Life’s calling…Where are you !
Reach for the clouds, for there are few.

Remember it’s true, every fall;
To never have been born might have been the greatest boon of all !